About the Action: February 14th, 2013 11:30 am – 1:30 pm


We have committed to heart and to nervous system a feeling of belonging and our spirits are no longer isolated and afraid. We have lost our fear of our brothers and sisters and are no longer ashamed of ourselves of who and what we are – Let us now go forth to save the land of our birth from the plague that first drove us into the “will to quarantine” and to separate ourselves behind self-­‐imposed walls. For this is why we were born: People, all people belong to each other, and he who shuts himself away diminishes himself, and he who shuts another away from him destroys himself. And all the people said “Amen” ~ Rev. Howard Thurman, mentor and inspiration to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Marriage Equality Supporter,

My name is Jamila Tharp.  My wife, Michelle Hasting, our 10-year old daughter, Abigail Hasting-Tharp and I have planned a powerful Valentine’s Day action for Standing on the Side of Love for Marriage Equality here in Salt Lake County, Utah joining over 20 other similar actions across the country – red and blue states alike.

We invite you to gather with us February 14th from 11:30am – 1:30pm in the indoor arboretum of the South Building next to the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office, located at the corner of 2100 South and State Street.

What to expect?   Loving faith leaders present!  We will have music, song and speakers, all gathered together in the celebration of our common humanity and Love.   The key points to this action are educational and healing. Each and every one of us has an immense capacity to make a difference for equality for numerous people – strangers and friends alike – by being educated and able to engage in meaningful conversations as an agent to change hearts and minds about a segment of our human family that has not been allowed to sit, to derive sustenance for fulfillment and to be seen as a family member at Humanity’s table.

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Faith leaders and clergy present at the actual action.

This is an action that highlights the need to secure the freedom to marry for all. Please go to http://www.marriageequality.org and check out “get the facts”, “resources” and “media facts” to empower yourself and your family, friends and community with knowledge as an advocate for marriage equality.

By coming together, by gathering, We are Standing on the Side of Love for Marriage Equality.  We currently live in a time in which public opinion in favor for the freedom to marry is growing rapidly.  For those of us who are able to be publicly out, telling our stories, explaining our support for this issue and action, it is so very important that we do and that we attend.  For many reasons, many of us can’t be publicly open as LGBT people and share openly about our lives and family, let alone show publically our support for Marriage Equality.  We honor you if this is you, and we appreciate your support of us in spirit.  Please come if you can.  Everyone, please help spread the word.

What to expect requesting a marriage license?  The focal point of our action is for same-sex couples to peacefully request civil marriage licenses knowing we will be denied.  We use the public media for our public outreach to highlight our love, our commitment and desire to have what any loving couple wants in being married, happiness, love, family and security.  Michelle, Abigail and I invite same-sex couples wanting to participate in this public educational and healing action to join us (if you can) in making a collective request at 12:15 pm to 12:30 pm with the news media present in the county clerk’s office.  Do not worry if for any reason you cannot attend during this time as you will be able prior or after to stand in line to make your request.

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Participants requesting marriage licenses at the actual action.

There are just some of the imaginings for this action. I encourage you to do what my family is doing in our engagement of advocacy for the freedom to marry. Open your hearts and engage your imaginations for LOVE, because that is what this event is about. It is about “marrying” the theme of LOVE and Valentine’s Day to the issue of marriage equality.  It is about seizing the moment, this moment in time, as the reality is that Utah is poised to lead the nation in valuing and supporting all families, leading the nation in securing Marriage Equality for All!  Some don’t believe it can happen.

Open your hearts and imagine with my family. This is a co-creation, securing marriage equality for all.  If you are able to volunteer in helping, my family is most appreciative!


Jamila Tharp

Utah Chapter Leaders for Marriage Equality USA


P.S.  Here are some of the logistics of the event.

  • Can’t come for the whole event?  Please know you are welcome for any amount of time you can be with us and your presence will add to the success of our action event.
  • If you can’t find parking at the Salt Lake County Government offices there is additional parking at the south side of 2100S at 200 E.  Another option is at the corner of E. Utopia Avenue and S. State Street (the old Inkley’s Camera Store lot). That lot is on the west side of State Street at about 2200 S.
  • What to wear?  First, your presence is always more important than what you wear!  FYI, Michelle, Abigail and I will be dressed up as this action is purposefully crafted for public educational and healing outreach utilizing news and social media.